Tuesday, January 27

Post Show Comments

Thanks for listening to a great first show. And there are many to come so don't forget to tune in every Tuesday (Monday night for those who refuse to switch to the next day before they go to sleep) from 12am - 2am.

1/27/2009 - Playlist

Wang Lee Hom -- Hua Tian Cuo
Katy Perry -- I Kissed a Girl
Beyonce -- Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
Jay Chou -- Qing Tian (Clear Sky/Sunny Day)
Kate Voegle -- No Good
The Veronicas -- Untouched
Lil Mama -- Lipgloss
311 -- Beautiful Disaster
Nina Simone -- Four Women
Dong Ban Shing Ki -- Mirotic
T-Pain Feat. Ludacris -- Chopped and Screwed
Slick Rick -- Monalisa
Flo Rida -- Right Round
Shawna -- Gettin' Some
Haddawy -- What is Love?
Kid Cudi -- Day N' Night (Crookers Remix)
The Kunx -- Wake the Fuck Up
Star -- Take Me to the Riot
T.I. Feat. Justin Timberlake -- Dead & Gone
Muse -- Falling Away With You
The Decemberists -- Summersong
Aaliyah -- Rock The Boat

Monday, January 26

Our Debut

Tonight Dominique and I will be hosting our first radio show. I'm hoping to figure out how to make a podcast within the next four and a half hours so we can record this epic event. Otherwise we'll have to wait until next week to start.

If you're up from 12 am to 2 am, otherwise known as the midnight freak hour, tune in through your itunes (you can link the radio through your itunes by going to georgetownradio.com and clicking on "listen live").



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