Sunday, May 16

100th Post

Somehow it slipped  by me that my last post was the 100th one. Not all of  them are food related, but I think they are all interesting, speak of my varied interests and experiences, and I think it might be fun(ny) to look back and see where my blogging has come so far. Here are some of my personal favorites:

So a Black Person Can Be Chinese?

Raising the Flag of the Minnesota Twins Nation

Moral Conflicts in the Party of Moral and Family Values

Why Bathrooms at Elite Colleges are Still Worse Than the Ones You Come Across in the Ghetto

The Day I Ate Dog and Chicken Hearts

North Korea Impressions and the Ghetto of Rural-Ethnic-Minority China

And Just When I Thought There Was Enough Sin in This World...

Pizza Ideas for the Less Creative

Can You Make Perfect Food in a Less-Than-Perfect Kitchen?

Food 101: Seeking Clues in the Kitchen

Chocolate Mousse With Olive Oil and Sea Salt


  1. lol i do remember that eating dog post...

  2. how could you forget, one of my most memorable memories.



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