Me and My Table for Two

My name is Cortne and I am a recent graduate of Georgetown University, with a major in Chinese and a minor in Government. I hope to get started in a career in US-China policy. Yet the characteristic most people will point out about me is my knowledge and love of good food. While at Georgetown, I found a way to reconcile these somewhat divergent interests in my senior thesis, titled "Tradition of the Gourmets: How the Communists Failed to Politicize the People's Palate." 

I enjoy good food, and enjoy it even more when I can indulge in a budget-conscious manner. I like to think of my hallmark cooking style to be based on limited money, limited time and unlimited creativity. This is something that could be applied toward my current lifestyle. I am now working on a life away from the hilltop and I hope to provide a local voice about transition and moving on to my fellow graduates and other young adults.


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